LoRa APRS ideas


I write code for LoRa APRS and wanted to ask all SOTA Ops about ideas and use cases to add to trackers and igates that everyone sees is needed to use them as another way of being sure everyone knows your home safe after a great day in the summits

i was going to start a emergency protocol with LoRa and some messages warnings about it and how it will interact with other trackers/igates that hears this call


Hi Ricardo!
Just an idea. An email via APRS to a pre-defined address with a pre-defined text. e.g:

mywifesemail@email.com I arrived safely at the planned summit - OR -
mywifesemail@email.com I returned safely from the summit

73 Alex, DK1ZX

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I would like to see better support for KISS TNC connection from phone to LoRa module. This would allow us to carry smaller, cheaper modules without onboard GPS. The GPS in my phone already works well. Writing free form messages and status updates is also generally easier from a phone interface.

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this existe as EMAIL and EMAIL2 , right?

you can already use APRSDroid with tracker Bluetooth (Classic) and use the tracker as TNC to send messages and position from Android Phone.

also the iPhones can connect over BLE and use the tracker as TNC for APRS.fi app

Thanks for including this, but I haven’t had luck with it. I tried a few months ago and tried again just now. Similar result: Android cannot stay connected to the module via Bluetooth Classic. It tries to pair and immediately loses connection. I had similar issue with several other firmwares. I’ll try to debug when I find time, or let me know if you’d like more info.

Please check here for details:


this looks like a phone issue more than firmwares faults… if you can test with newer phones from a relative or friend to validate?

I’ve tried a couple new phones (pixel 6a, pixel 8), same issue. But it seems to work on a quite old moto g; thanks for the suggestion! I’ll follow up on GitHub when I have more info.

maybe the new phones have BLE only and not BT classic…

this is a know bug as BLE only works for APPLE phones right now and for android its only BT Classic

did not find anything to look for to achieve this also with android+ble

Okay, my mistake; it does work with the newer Android phones. The bluetooth classic SPP connection behavior is unexpected. You find the device and pair it, then it immediately disconnects and will not reconnect from the OS. But if you open Bluetooth Serial app or APRSDroid, you can select the previously paired device and it works when you request a connection (assuming the device is still available). On the older Android devices you can just pair it and it stays connected from the OS view. Sorry for the noise and thanks for your replies!

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