Looking for UHF Unterlage Teil V

I wonder if anyone can help? I’m looking for a copy of an article from UHF Unterlage Teil V (UHF Compendium Part 5) by Karl Weiner DJ9HO. It’s long out of print and a quick scan of the interwebs doesn’t show anyone selling a copy.

If you have a copy please PM me.

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Once again the SOTA community has been so useful a community to be part of.

Thanks to
Andy DK7MG for copying some articles and mailing them to.
Heinz OE5EEP for offering to scour his library for this.
Ed DD5LP for offering to help buy a second hand copy and have it delivered to him which he would bring to the FN rally to save me a lot of postage.
Arthur HB9CEV who has the book and has just emailed me the article which is such a higher quality scan than mine.

I now have exactly what I was searching for on and off for the last few years. I should have asked our community first.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for the offers of help.


It’s great to hear someone could help Andy.
That’s the true meaning of a community!

73 Ed.