Looking for summits near La Quinta, CA

Hello, I’m new to SOTA, having only activated 1 summit so far, for just two points. Living in the Chicago area there aren’t a lot of opportunities in this flat part of the country, but I’m headed to the Palm Springs California area (La Quinta, specially) and looking for recommendations that aren’t too difficult, ideally drive up. Does anyone have any suggestions??? thanks! Adam KD9MGQ

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Hi Adam,
I can’t comment on which are easy and which are more difficult to access, you’ll need a local to tell you that but I just wanted to check that you know there is a feature in the SOTAMaps page called range where you can set a point and ask for all the SOTA summits is say 5 or 10 km of the point, so you can at least see what might be options.

(double click image for larger version)

Unfortunately looking at the activation counts for the three mountains displayed - one has never been activated while the other two have only had one activation each - that suggests to me that these are NOT easy access summits!


Going out to 30 kilometres gives many more summits, some of them activated more times:

I’d look at any of the top four in this list simply as they have been accessed more often:

In fact the 8-point, Toro peak has a track right to the top (looks like a good track for a mountain bike - if allowed) and a video here (useful tip - you need a visitors pass as it’s in Indian territory)


73 Ed.

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hi adam,

sorry i can’t give you any recommendations, but here is another webpage that may help you find a nice summit:


73 martin, oe5reo

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thanks, Ed. I really appreciate your reply. I’m familiar with SOTAMaps but NOT that feature, and it’s exactly what I needed, thanks! -73, -Adam

Thanks, Martin. I’ll check it out, - Adam 73

The Palm Springs Tram will take you to trails for Mt. San Jacinto which I believe shows up as a SOTA peak. Might be an enjoyable way to hit that peak.

Beyond that, I got nothing.

Enjoy your time in SoCal - I will be watching for your spots.

Howard KE6MAK


I activated W6/SD-039 and it’s not exactly in your backyard there in La Q but it’d make for a good weekend trip 0.3 mile hike from the end of the road there. Some of the others inside the main park (NP fee applies) would probably be doable, look for the high activation counts. I do believe Inspiration Benchmark W6/SD-037 is only 0.9 miles from the trailhead.



Tom - KB9ENS

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