Looking for lightweight 2m beam recomendations, what are you using?

As per the thread title, I’m looking for a lightweight beam for SOTA activations.

I currently use a roll up slim Jim but would like to try other options, what do you folks recommend ?


Out of production now but the SB270 from sotabeams is what I have. Very lightweight.

Make one. Piece of 22mm waste pipe and some 4mm alumininium rod. Parts available at B&Q.

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I recommend this LogPer http://www.joachims-gmbh.de/detail_blatt/LP145435SO.html
There is also a set including a 3m pole and coaxial for 99Euro

73 Chris

Sandpiper do a three element yagi with elements that can be unscrewed for transport, currently £44.


I guess it depends whether you are considering FM or SSB/CW?

If the latter, the 2m Moxon from Par electronics

is solid yet small and lightweight.
It’s meant to be used for horizontal polarisation but if you take a non-metal mast to mount it on, you could probably make a plate from plastic to mount it vertically for FM usage.


My 4 ele beam is made from waste pipe, pipe clips and aluminium tubing, Boom length 1m, element length 1m, so it packs up neatly into a 1m bundle, weighs not a lot. Dipole centre is an electrical junction box. Design based on this:

If you want to go really light weight then consider welding rod as elements, or tape measure antennas are also worth a look.

73 Mike

This! :+1:

The DK7ZB designs are easily repeatable at home with minimal tools.

Making antennas is simple and fun. And best of all, cheap!

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Hi Neil,

I support the idea of homebrewing your own yagi.
Here my contribution: the Baby yagi.

Some data:

  • 3 element design, direct 50 ohm connect
  • Elements are cut by half (max element 52 cm)
  • Reduced Boom length (53 cm)
  • 5,2 expected dBd gain

You can download explanatory instructions page here:

Just choose your model among our proposals and have fun operating with your antenna.
73 de Ignacio


These are popular in US and I have the 4 el 2m.


Photo of mine…

I have used this design, though not as a take-down antenna. It worked just fine and was easy to make. I like your adaptation to a take-down version!


My thanks to everyone who responded to this topic, some good suggestions & useful links, I think I will read through all of the links posted & try building one using some good quality components, I like the SB270 shame it’s no longer offered, also the Sandpiper, but as mentioned it must be more rewarding to make your own, the challenge for me is finding the time to do it & deciding on which one to go for.

Thanks again & 73s to all.


Hej Neil,

it’s best to make your own as no commercially available vhf beam fits a sota activator. They’re either too heavy or don’t pack sensible or they have tiny screws which are a pain when you have cold and wet fingers.

However, a commercially built HB9CV may be a reasonable start to get into 2m. The above mentioned DK7ZB 4 ele 50 Ohm 1m boom is a nice design for sota, though I preferred the 28 Ohm design and used this antenna quite a time. It gives a good gain at a wide angle. I designed her lightweight and small-packing, so shewas 550 g and packed good 50 cm.

I’ve been using the 28 Ohm OWM 1,5m boom design for a year now. index She has a great SNR and is quieter than the 4 ele. Also packs at ca. 50 cm and is abt. 600 g. For my purposes, there is no better design. A shorter boom gives less gain, and a longer makes the antenna point too sharply and wind will be an issue.


Does not have to be fancy or any thing clever are the best ones, i have seen is the made out of tape measures.

But a simple one would be a moxon beam, small light and easy to carry as i did a 6m version made out of 20mm conduit and wire for the elements and it breaks down nice into a small bag. Plus it slides down the center bit onto me 8m squid pole about 5m up as looking at way to add another moxon on top for 2m.

And when portable from the car going to take me 6El with me for the 2m as it breaks down into three sections the boom does :slight_smile:

below is me 6m moxon

karl M3FEH

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Tape measure antennas are wonderfully “flexible” when running through the undergrowth on a DF hunt. The big problem is the elements get blown about by the wind making them unsuitable for SOTA 99% of the time.


Thanks for pointing that one out wind is big factor on any hill and always bigger than on the lower part of the summit.

I built a Yagi based on one of the DK7ZB designs, with 3 mm Al welding rod elements except for the driven.
Details at: A lightweight Yagi for 2 m | vk3pf
I use 2 of the sections of a 7 m fibreglass pole for the boom, plus the remaining lower 4 sections as a mast…
Good luck,

A couple of easy to make portable beams here for you;



I’ve been using the 3-element model of the Arrow antennas for 2m operating. The split-boom version breaks down nicely for carrying. It assembles easily and withstands considerable amount of abuse.

Donated my original Sotabeams 2m beam to Nidderdale Raynet. I kind of wish I hadn’t, even though I am never active on 2m.
73 de OE6FEG / M0FEU