Looking for Gary ES1WST

I would like to contact Gary ES1WST, AM for Estonia (ES), to discuss a possible 4th ES summit. If anybody could put me in touch I’d be very pleased (obviously I’ve tried the published e-mail address).



Hello Simon. You might try, (if this is different to that which you already have).
Hope this works for you. Best Wishes to you and Family. Paul.

Thanks for the suggestion Paul but that one bounces.

There is another one… I’ll PM it to you Simon you rather than publish a personal email address on the reflector.

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Simon. I now have another e-mail address but as G0AZS says, maybe not be correct to give this on here. I have tried to send 2 personal messages to you but slab of rock, hammer and chisel, (my level of expertise), may not be making the trip. Still chipping away.

Hi Paul,
Personal Messages inside the reflector - simply left mouse button click on the persons avatar (in Simon’s case - the G4TJC with green background) and on the info screen that comes up click on message.

73 Ed.

Hello Ed. Many thanks for your information, very easy to understand, even by me, Hi Hi.
I will try that method to contact Simon now. I have no idea why Simon needs to make the contact, but I guess it is important to SOTA.
Best Wishes Ed, to you and your Family, 73 de Paul M0CQE.