Looking for dx this Saturday

This weekend 7/8th will attempt to activate Mt Pomany VK2/CT-023. Mt Pomany is located well within the wilderness area of Wollemi National Park. Only the remants of the old cattlemans track remain, most of the way will be with map and compass through some rather dense scrub I’m afraid.
No mobile phone access which means no self spotting. Am camping o/night at Mt Pomany.
Will try to adhere to the following schedule time and access permitting;
7.032 about 05:00 for local VK callers

14.061 or 10.116 about 07:00 depending on band conditions. Will call as many times as I can apart from lighting campfire, cooking dinner and general campsite activities. Shall keep calling till about 10:00 UTC.

Sunday morning will be up early will get on air more likely 10.116. Say 19:00UTC onwards.

Mode cw and max power of 5w as limited by the weight of batteries I can carry.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Nick VK2AOH

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Hi Nick

Hope to work you from Mt.Randall VK6/SW-039, I’ll be using the Mountain Topper MTR2 for CW. I will also try some SSB on the ft-817 and the amplifier. Wonder what radio you will be using.

Sounds like a tough trip. Good luck.


John VK6NU

Thanks John, we have missed each other in the past. Here’s hoping things work out this time.
I will be taking my KX3 and depending on the overall weight will think about taking a microphone as well.
Due to distance and terrain am rather restricted in what I can carry.

Not being able to self spot is a bit of a handicap.

Cheers, Nick vk2aoh

Here’s hoping an RBN skimmer (or several) hears you calling, so RBNgate can spot for you, then. Good luck.

73, Rick M0LEP

I’m hoping to be active during that time from G/CE-001 and will monitor around 14.060 -14.062 for you.
Will be running QRO of 5W from my ATS4 or MTR.

Can I suggest that you edit your Sotawatch alert and add an S+24 to cover your time on the summit.
As your alert is for 0500z, if you’re late for some reason and don’t get on the air until 0800 or after, RBNgate spotting will have expired. By extending the window of opportunity to 20 hours at least you can be sure then that RBNgate will spot you during the entire period of your planned expedition.

Hope to work you Saturday!

Hello Pete,
Thanks for the message and have noted down your activation so as to remind me when I get to Mt Pomany. A S2S would be really good.
Thanks for the hint about RBN, something I am not particulary familiar with but will amend my time as suggested.
Sunset is 0845 here I think and as it is starting to get chilly at night may be hunched by the campfire !
Cheers and in anticipation of good band conditions, Nick VK2AOH

Hi John,
Have noted down your activation on VK6/SW-039 at 0700 20M and shall look forward to a S2S.

Cheers, Nick VK2AOH