Looking for a circuit diagram of MML 144/50-S

Does anybody out there have a circuit diagram for a Microwave Modules MML144/50-S amplifier?

I have found one for the 30 watt version and the biasing looks very similar, but there’s at least one resistor that’s different, naturally. This one was DOA from an auction site, as advertised, and I have the PA transistor coming but would like to check the rest of the circuit over before powering it up. Relays and biasing seem fine, but you never know.

Planning to use it for SOTA 2m if it can be repaired.


Ian mm0gyx

I also have the 25/30w model (somewhere), so all I can suggest is you search the websites that sell circuit diagrams if no one here has it.

73 Ed.


Have you seen this, its an MML 144/100, but might be similar?

See Related documents at bottom


73 Steve 2m0skj