Looking across at my hill - from my hill!

After work today, I climbed up The Cloud G/SP-015. Just two QSOs were made on a 2m FM handheld.

This was my 1730th activation of this summit. The Cloud - or Bosley Cloud as it is known locally - has a distinctive and recognisable shape. It is one of those hills/mountains that is easily identified from afar because of its shape.

This shape was projected as a silhouette against the foothills of the Pennines on the opposite side of the valley to the East. The setting sun in the West, was directly behind me, creating this rather striking (to me) scene.



Thanks Tom for introducing me to this corner of the earth. when I see a spot for this peak pass on sotawatch I think of you and your long walks. keep it up!


The Cloud looks inviting.

Tom, I clearly have my work cut out for me.
My activation total of W6/CT-225 is a paltry 247.
Alfonso, EA4R, tells me it his top chased summit!

Flint Peak is a somewhat steep 15 minute ascent that looks over the Rose Bowl to the east and the San Gabriel mountains to the north. It is my radio home due to living in a first floor apartment with HOA antenna prohibition.
I’ll have to dig for a good photo of Flint.
Let’s do an S2S one of these days, shall we?
72, David N6AN