"Look who chased me"

There used to be a “Look who chased me” option on the SOTA database. I can’t remember how to access it anymore. I’ve tried to find it, but can’t. Is it still there?

73 de PA7MDJ

I have trouble finding this link as well. Sometimes I question if an operator actually made contact of if somehow I was stepping on another chaser. Sometimes the full report comes up when I find there call sign in the Activator standings, sometimes not.
Simple links, including a search of operator call signs would be helpful.
Victor KI7MMZ

If you display your log for that activation on the SOTA database, there is a button at the top that does what you want. You probably need to be logged in. The following clip is from newsotadata.sota.org.uk

Thanks! That was what I was looking for!

73 de Michael PA7MDJ

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