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Longmynd Hike

Hi, just for info, the annual Longmynd Hike takes place over the weekend of 6th and 7th October,details here http://www.longmyndhike.org.uk/.

It includes SOTA summits Longmynd, Stiperstones, Corndon and Caradoc, and probably a few Humps inbetween.

Activations would not be impossible, but there are around 500 walkers, so the area is quite busy from around Midday on the Saturday until midday on Sunday.


In reply to G4AZS:
Thanks for the advanced warning.

I would be quite upset having struggled to the top of Corndon only to have to share the seat with 500 others!

Hi Adrian

Take 2 radios then you can work RAYNET on one and SOTA on the other !! Hi.


In reply to G6UYG:

Hi Steve, I may just do that :o)


In reply to G4AZS:

Take a bright yellow tabard and you can pretend to be from RAYNET (*) and tell the wardens to leave your station alone as it’s official!


(*) best if you can park a car with 10 or more mobile aerials nearby.