Longest wait for a SOTA Complete?

I must admit I pay little attention to the “Completes” aspect of the SOTA awards programme. I do note that some people are very keen on it through their comments on this reflector - “I’ll be waiting for you as I need that one for a Complete” etc.

Browsing through the fabulous new SOTA Database pages (thank you Andrew @VK3ARR - great job!), I happened to notice that Bredon Hill G/CE-003 only became a SOTA Complete for me on New Year’s Eve 2022. I first activated it over 18 years earlier! Can anyone beat that?

I am far from convinced of the integrity of this data. I was certain I had chased, indeed had S2S QSOs to Bredon Hill already in my log. Several times over. Which suggests (to me) that I might have failed to enter the chase/S2S side of such contacts in the past.

Anyway - as it stands - 6762 days between the activated date and the chased date for a Complete!


My maximum is only 5036 days (almost 14 years). I chased DM/BW-385 in 2009, the year I started with SOTA. This year I activated this summit.

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I have chased thousands of summits that I will never activate so my waiting times will tend to infinity! :wink:


That doesn’t count Brian!

It does however neatly illustrate the point that the record can be claimed by any activator who is patient enough to hold off visiting long enough after a chase!

Perhaps therefore the data is only really comparable when looking at completes where the activation preceded the chase…?

There are probably some first-time activators of very remote summits or technically challenging summits (e.g. Alpine peaks) who will not get the complete.

73 Armin

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Thinking Kurt, HB9AFI might beat your record, I quickly checked the SOTA DB:
Kurt “unfortunately” only manages 6336 days (excl. end date), hi.
He activated Planachaux SOTLAS on 17.10.2005 and chased/completed on 21.02.2023.

Congratulations to both SOTA veterans.

73 gl, Heinz