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Longest Distance to Qualify a Summit

After activating G/CE-002 yesterday, it struck me that it may be interesting to see what distance had been covered to qualify it… I can only make a short path calculation, because s2s logs work on SP.

The 4 contacts I qualified G/CE-002 Walton Hill were (in Killometres)

VK7JON 17315
VK1MIC 17057
VK1MBE 17061
VK1AD 17013

Total 68446 Kms or 42530 Miles

No ZL logged which would make quite a difference…

Of course, depending on the time of an activation, there will be some debate, as to whether the contacts should be worked out on a short or long path basis.

I’m thinking, there might even be a SOTA award scheme here :wink:

73 Mike

long path (km) = approximately 40000-short path

73, Hans

You were running 10* the power I was :stuck_out_tongue:

Could very well be a record Mike.

I remember John GW4BVE qualifying with four VKs back in 2004, but his total (short-path) distance was a mere 62821km.

Congratulations - the Magic Antron pulls the rabbit out of the hat yet again!

I imagine the most likely way to set a strong world record for this, would be for activators and chasers in Spain (EA) and New Zealand (ZL) to arrange some skeds. Importantly, you would have to make sure that all of those first four QSOs were DX - which might mean making other chasers wait a little while before working them, well at least until you’d got the four qualifying QSOs anyway.

Is anyone in EA or ZL up for taking on this fine challenge?

Hmmm… very tempting idea… :thinking:

To get your first 4 contacts, all ZL, in great conditions would be a huge challenge…

I managed 3 ZL’s one morning, however, they weren’t all in the first four, IIRC…

I think you need to borrow my Antron, Guru :wink:

73 Mike

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Even more with my QRP 5 watts at current stage in the solar cycle…
Perhaps with a square 4 phased Antron99 array?..

And a helicopter to get them to the summit :wink:

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Only to the edge of the Activation Zone, then you need to hand carry (or use Oxen) to the summit :grin:

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summit info correct now

My Contact with LZ1GJ yesterday was 27610 kms.
I presume this was a LP contact. No way of proving it really.


John VK6NU

Well look what Wade just did with 5 watts of SSB - it is possible - you have to be in the right place at the right time and have some luck.

By the way about 3 years ago, on ANZAC day, I qualified Auerberg with 4 VK contacts on 5 watts - only two were S2S contacts though …

73 Ed.

Luck plays a big part in radio Ed, no doubt about that. Take nothing away from Wade though. Working QRP with the SFI at 67 and K index 4, and then completing 17000 Kilometre contacts, was quite remarkable…

73 Mike

[quote=“2E0YYY, post:1, topic:17113”]
After activating G/CE-002 yesterday, it struck me that it may be interesting to see what distance had been covered to qualify it… I can only make a short path calculation, because s2s logs work on SP.
The 4 contacts I qualified G/CE-002 Bardon Hill were (in Killometres)[/quote]

Very impressive Mike, but CE-002 is Walton Hill, not Bardon.
Glad you had a successful morning.

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[quote=“M0JLA, post:15, topic:17113, full:true”]

Cheers Michael and Rod…now amended…

73 Mike

I’m thinking on 4 potential activators in Pamplona (EA2) i.e EA2BD, EA2LU, EA2BSB and myself. All of us can work CW as well as SSB, of course. I’d have to have a chat with them and see how they feel about writing their callsigns in the SOTA Records Book.
We’ll also need 4 ZL activators willing to be the other half. Anyone stepping forward?

Question, would it be necessary that all the activators are in different summits?
My understanding is that the S2S QSOs would still be valid in case the 4 operators were together in a single summit, wouldn’t it?



It is not necessary that all QSOs are S2S Guru, so you don’t need 4 participants in each country. The thread title is “Longest Distance to Qualify a Summit” - so you just need EITHER a ZL or a EA activator - and a whole bunch of chasers in the other one (ZL or EA). That would total up about 80,000km for the qualification.

Ed, yours (without the SV station in QSO position 4) works out at 64250km, so not quite there. However your qualifying contact is indeed a SV station (even though the other six of your first seven QSOs are all VK), so that would drop the total down significantly.

Spain <–> New Zealand would be the way to achieve the record. A pair of antipodes, both with active SOTA associations. Would need good preparation, plenty of willing participants on the chaser side, and discipline on the activator side. Perfectly feasible though.

OK, that “simplifies” preparation things a lot and I can even see it not too difficult to achieve :wink:

A bunch of 4 chasers equipped with a good antenna system would be enough.

This strikes me as quite an appealing challenge…
Now off for a cup of coffe in a local cafe with Ignacio EA2BD…



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I wonder if anyone has put in a claim for the longest contact? Rob G7LAS and myself thought we had a good shout at it during the EU/VK day from G/CE-004, April 2015. We worked Bryan ZL3XDJ an 11840 miles (19050Km) contact, calculated short path. There maybe an EA claim for a further contact, however, I can’t remember the details, though…

73 Mike