Long Mountain Oregon - FIRST TIME ACTIVATED

Myself (KF7UXS) and my brother (KF7UXR) activated W7O/NC-034 (Long Mountain) for the first time today. We were using 2m FM for all of the contacts. I tried calling CQ on 40m once but heard nothing. I was in a hurry because I had to get home for other obligations. We definitely wish we could have stuck around longer to make more contacts.

The hike to the summit and back is 12 miles, lots of hiking for 1 point, but it was worth it. In order to hike to the summit, you will need a permit as the land is owned by a private logging company. We each had to buy a permit, walk in permits were $75 each. The permit is good for I think 10 months, so we may go back this winter for some winter scenery. There is a decent view of Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helens and Mount Adams at the top. Thanks to all the chasers for helping us get all the contacts we needed quickly.

View of the mountains

Some of the gear I brought. Definitely leaving one of the batteries home next time.

My homebrew 2m 5 el yagi (all the elements pack into the pvc for safe transport. The wire on the left is my 40m EFHW.

KF7UXR happy to get all the contacts he needed. He was using a copper j-pole antenna.

Here is me, hoisting the SOTA flag after we made all the needed contacts. Another peak for SOTA!



A 12 mile hike and $75 each for a permit for a single pointer! That’s dedication - you’ll be bankrupt by the time you make MG :slight_smile:

73 John EI3KA


Dedication or what… nice to read about your activation and I was amazed you have to pay a fee to enter a forrest. Come to Sweden and walk for free to a 2-pointer :wink:

Cheers, Jaan


Casey and Cory -
Cool on the first activation! You might want to write up some particulars on how to get to Long on www.pnwsota.org if anyone else wants to try it. There are a few easier summits nearby - Bunker Hill (drive-up), Green Mountain (<1 mile road hike), Round Top (<1 mile road hike), Giveout Mtn (drive-up)…all within about 15 miles of Long. And no cost for permits. Directions to those others all in pnwsota.
73, Etienne-K7ATN


Yeah it was an expensive peak to activate. We only paid up because it never had been activated before so we figured why not. That was the only hike I ever had to pay for besides for a parking pass to park at a trail head. Highly unlikely I will pay to renew the permit when it expires. I will do a writeup for the pnw sota forum tonight when I get a chance.

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