Long Crag G/SB-008 access?

I’ll be in the near of Long Crag G/SB-008 sometime next week, not sure of time or date just yet. I expected the forest track I used may have taken a Storm Arwen pasting and Derek G1ZJQ’s report confirms it, the track from Rough Castles has been closed whilst there was harvesting and clean up.

So does anyone know the current status of the classic access from Rough Castles at NU 091072 is viable. It looks like you can do it from Callaly if only there was somewhere to park and I’m sure I read of a GOML farmer out that way.


Well access is no problem from Rough Castle. It looks very different now from when I was here in 2015. Track through the remains of the forest is fine if rather wet and muddy as is access r the ridge to the trig.

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Good to see you on the summit today Andy.

It was quite a shock to hear my callsign be spoken on a very quiet summit. Pleased I was able to afford you a suitable 30m Antenna and radio.

That is what friends are for.

I made 24 Q’s, including 3, S2S, 2 being on 10m with the flowerpot.
Thank you chasers, cannot do it without you.


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Yes it was a surprise to find you.When I saw a mast at the summit and I was a few hundred metres away I remembered I hadn’t alerted for this or I’d have seen your spots. Thanks for the loan of your system for a few QSOs and for trying to keep Dexter the dog occupied. ( I had to look after Dexter as his owner and my wife were at a dog free garden and I had to carry all 4kgs of dog about 4 of the 6.8km I walked :frowning: ) Very civilised to have a cup of tea and bite to eat back at your car.

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