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Lonely Jon


Poor Jon was getting a bit lonely here as none of the MT are Chasers and so we didn’t use his flashy new facilities! Hopefully you will give him lots of feedback.




Well, Richard, I think it’s about time that you delved into your logs and posted a chaser score to frighten us all!!!


Logs? :wink:


I think l should stick to programming!

Left the feeder at home!!

.Currently bodging. No ATU. Hmm.


If your bodge gets you on 40/80 please listen out for some very slow bad morse from mid Wales!
Quentin GW3BV


Sorry to have missed you Quentin. You have now become my must have Welsh DX - I will be listening out in future!

I managed to stick half the dipole in the air and half on the ground as a couterpoise and then got a connection to the 817. Got tolerable matches on 20, 30 & 40 but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get a match on 80m.

It was a magnificent pm/eve though. White, driven snow, sastrugi, blue sky and stunning views. I’d forgotten how amazing this place can be after a month of solid rain and gales!!

Regarding slow morse, bring it on!! I love slow morse. I think there were a couple of stations today responding to my 12/13wpm CQs at about 20-25wpm. I didn’t manage to copy their calls and didn’t feel too bad about not responding to them!! Had it not been -3degC I might have sent QRS and persevered!

73, Jon