Login denied - error message instead

I am having difficulty logging in - most recently to SOTA mapping in order to use the profile feature. I am sure last time I used it no login was needed but this time it seemed to be. When I did try I received the message:-

Unexpected error when handling authentication request to identity provider.

in response to clicking on the login window which was already populated with remembered username and password.

Using Firefox 60.7.2esr (64-bit) on Linux openSUSE Leap 15.0 with all recent updates.

This has happened earlier in the day but I circumvented it; that does not seem possible for the mapping.


Same for me.

Unexpected error when handling authentication request to identity provider

SSO server needs a friendly slap :wave:.

Thanks, Joe; good to know it is not just me.

It seems one of the Single Sign On servers is down but if you attempt again, perhaps a couple more times, it is likely you will get through to the other SSO server and be able to proceed. There are two servers load balanced.

Thanks, Jon, but no luck. No real problem for me yet as future expeditions are some way ahead. Hope it all sorts out OK.

I had this same problem and upon a second login attempt, within 1 minute or so, everything went fine.
I was using Firefox on a laptop with Windows XP Professional.


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I resemble that (I’m now 74 :wink:

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PS also no luck signing in

had the same problems with SSO yesterday … today it seems to work again!

The Fonzie slap worked.

Thank you.