Logging Tool for iPad running under Pythonista

I have been having a play with Pythonista for the iPad, this allows you to write Python code to run on an iPad with access to the iOS user interface. Its not as pretty as running a normal iOS app, but it is comparable with using a PC based Python IDE to run Python code.

I wanted to tailor my activation logging workflow, using my iPad, and so I created a logging tool and randomly called it Logista :slight_smile: Its quite basic but does the job for what I wanted. It should be considered a beta release as I am sure I have missed some bugs.
It was primarily designed to assist in the typing up of paper logs for uploading to the SOTA database, but can be used to log live. Logista can carry out an auto QRZ lookup (if setup) and will create a SOTA v2 csv file and an ADIF file.
I am sharing the Logista Python code in the event that someone may find it useful.

Logista is open source but does require you to have Pythonista 3 installed on your iPad.

The Python code for Logista and some documentation can be found on GitHub here

If you just want to have a read of the documentation you can find it here on GitHub Logista Documentation

There are also some example screen recordings on YouTube that can be found here
live logging example and copying paper log example


Pythonista is an enabler for running Python code on an iPad, but does have a drawback in that Pythonista app is not free. I have no affiliation or connection with Pythonista, it’s just an app that allows me to write Python code on an iPad with access to the iOS user interface.


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Unless you need the data in ADI format you can type your paper log as FLE into an editor and upload that.

DATE 2023-10-22
1219 20M CW OE6GND
20 2M0IIG
21 DJ5AV
22 F6FTB
24 F5MDY
25 LB1KJ
26 OK1ZE

:+1: for making it open.

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To be a bit lazy I like to populate name and QTH from a QRZ lookup.
I use the ADI to the import to Ham Radio Deluxe.
It’s habit I got into using Hamlog for iOS but didn’t like having to export 2 files as 2 operations :grinning: