logging program for linux

Greetings. Can anyone recommend a logging program to use with a desktop using Linux operating system.

Regards: Geoff vk3sq

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The most popular one is probably cqrlog. I didn’t like it, because it’s bulky and it wanted me to always have a MySQL server running. Then I tried xlog which was more like what I wanted. For my own needs I have written my own logging software in Python2, Gtk3 and SQLite, Hamlogger. It is still very pre-release and serves almost all of my needs, it is open-source but there is virtually no one that uses it except for me. I’ve got great plans to migrate it to Python3…but laziness and actually hiking and activating mountains took over :slight_smile: For VHF/UHF contests I use Tucnak, the great thing is, I can install it on a tablet/phone because it works on Android as well and take it with me. It’s highly optimized for logging VHF contests and very cumbersome to use for anything else than that.


My vote is for cqrlog. I use it for many years. Very simple to install and easy to use.
Worth trying.

73, Mirko

On my DEBIAN I have been using XLOG for over a dozen years.
/no need any BASE/
73 de Mariusz sp9amh

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A log very easy to use is PyQso

It can be configured also for satellite mode QSO’s

Other alternative:


or searce to SourceForge or GitHub

I went through the same question a few years ago for the shack computer. I wanted to run a linux box for the speed and simplicity. I tried all the available logging software I could find. There were a couple that I liked OK, but none that I loved. In the end, I bit the bullet, bought a license for Windows (I got a license for 7 and then the free upgrade to 10 when they were doing that), and I went with DXLab Suite. I love DXLab Suite, and it has way more features and bells and whistles than I will ever use. I dont regret going back to a windows box to use it either.

Not what you asked, but since that was where I ended up on my journey, I thought I would share that.