Logging problem


Just noticed something thing happening in the log from yesterday.
My mistake and when reflecting back on logs i entered yesterday.
Where hell are they
OH there a day in advance ???

Worked and logged couple stations on 2nd oct and by mistake got date wrong and put in 3rd oct.

Normally the system comes up to tell you in red you can not enter time advanced loggings namely in this case the following day as just noted today is the 3rd October and yesterday is the 2nd and its allowed me to put it up for the 3rd, a day in advance.

Now off to correct me logs proper like

Thought better raise this as system is always telling me am in time advanced but not yesterday

RIGHT HAVE added a ghosty into me log for 4th oct and its come up on me log and yet today is the 3rd ???

04/Oct/2015 08:00 M3FEH M3FEH/P G/DC-003 Kit Hill 10MHz CW 1 6375 TEST SPOT Delete

So please enter the date carefully.


Hi Karl,
If this was yesterday evening, our friends in VK (who use the same logging site) could be entering data for the 3rd. validly, so I suspect the system may block two days or more in advance but not one day.

If there are a lot of entries to correct, the easiest way to fix this is probably to download your log as a CSV file, correct the data with Excel or Open Calc or similar and then upload again. If it’s only a few entries, delete and re-enter.

73 Ed.

Hi Ed, given we all use Zulu time (or damn well should), this should not be the case. Zulu or UTC is the same time and day the world around!


Hi guys

I would have thought we all enter in logs as UTC/Z time.
I did drop a ghost one in there its since disappeared and best laugh when i clock onto G/DC-003 it shows have worked it twice one other day and Tomorrow. :hushed:

Times I have put in wrong date in advance let alone same day and an advanced time say by plus 1hr and the system has rejected it and it tells me can not put in advanced time or date.

just seemed bit strange as the system won’t allow any summits other than in the log any tiny mistakes it rejects it. takes little used to but stops a lot of mistakes being made.


Interesting in that this code has been around for a long time and does have a small window of error where you can enter a contact up 23h 59m 59s in the future. It’s an easy fix to close this off and I’ll do that.

As for the missing future entries, well they’re not missing. The default view for chasing is “last 6 months”, when you ask for the display it works out the time NOW and subtracts 6 months and displays all QSOs between NOW and NOW-6months. If you exercise the bug then the item logged will be in the future albeit only slightly. This means it won’t be displayed as “slightly in the future” is not between NOW and NOW-6months. Select 2015 and the missing item will be displayed where you can delete it and then log it correctly.

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Thanks again andy sorted now :smile: