Logging of Sotas you have worked

Silly question as its taken quite an effort to just get on here :smile:

On wot section can you build your logs of stations you have worked from home and not from the summit seemed to sussed out the summit you have activated bit

its the wot i have worked sotas to go to the awards please
any help greatly gratefull for

thanks again
M3FEH Karl

Hi, Karl, you need to log into the database > submit log > submit chaser/S2S/SWL Entry.

Brian G8ADD

thank u again

Karl, you have entered your chaser contacts in the activation section. You need to delete them and enter them as chaser contacts.

Submit Log > Submit Chaser/S2S/SWL Entry

dohhhhhhhhh :smile:
thanks for that

will get it right one day

here we go again :smile:

You have entered all your contacts as SWL contacts, did you mean to do that?

I presume he didn’t mean to do that Andy, as he mentioned “working” all the stations in the initial post. I have deleted all those SWL logs, and re-entered them in the Chaser section.

Karl - do not tick the box that says “Is QSO SWL?” if you are entering a chaser contact. “SWL” means that you did not work the station, only heard it!


Right finaly thinks i have it right now
sorry find system little confusing but am getting hang of it
and many thanks to those watching and putting me on the right path

with out u guys i be well lost

right onwards and lets find more sotas

might have a bug problem :slight_smile: