Logging mistake?

Hi everyone.
Just out of curiosity I started to see my chaser log. I clarify that I do not chase from home and that my chaser log is the result of my S2S QSOs.
Looking at the log of my last JA/HG-177 activation, I have noticed that I appear in the log as if I had chased myself and as a result I have 1 more point in my chaser log. Because it is an unreal QSO, I thought it would be convenient to notify here. I don’t know if it was a mistake I made or it’s a system problem.
If the mistake is mine (I have no idea how it could have happened!) I apologize.
I always upload the log of conventional QSOs as well as S2S QSOs by hand.
Should I delete it or one of the MT should do it?
73, JP3PPL

It will be a user error. Just delete the QSO yourself.

Ok, thank you!
73 and HNY