Logging M Wave contacts

Dear SOTA Database TimeLords,

I entered my MVave contact as per the log and got an invalid location in the database. What did I do wrong?



You put spaces in the data when none are expected.

%QTH%-33.1250, 149.3250%

should be


Blxxxxy fussy database. I’ll try again.
Please accept my humble apologies for wasting your time!

It worked.
202KM with 1 W of FM on 1.294 GHz. The other end had a little bit more. Check out VK2JDS at QRZ.com.


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Ah Microwave!! I wondered whether you were on Medium Wave (630m) with the heading!!

Well done on 200+ KM with just 1w of FM on 23cms!

73 Ed.


Not really. The strings are found using a series of regexes which check for signed numbers or numbers using N S E W for the lat & long. The regex can be easily (hahahahah!) expanded to allow whitespace around the “,” in the specifier. Shouldn’t be hard to allow a floating number of spaces in the string. It’s never been needed before.

Question on logging M wave contacts.

When I go to my “microwave activator log”, under “other location” all I have listed is “invalid”

What am I missing? These were entered correctly and one even got me an award…

One of the “invalids” is has this in the notes section

fn31jh %QTH%41.2916,-73.2500% 25w 1.2ghz Transverter and long beam on my end

What should be there? another line with info for the DX station? What is the format for that?

Tom, N2YTF

It should work Tom but I can vaguely recall some discussions about this but not the detail.

Have you tried the alternate form of using N/S/E/W ?

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OK, this should work now. A couple of issues, but fundamentally an off-by-one error.

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