Logging error today

For those of you that worked me today on GW/SW-005, please check your chaser or S2S logs.

I was operating as MW0GQC/P (a legal requirement here in the UK because I was in Wales). This is the callsign I gave out on the air.

Unfortunately in the alerts on SOTAwatch it shows my home callsign M0GQC/P, which was a typing error when I places the spot.

Given the functionality in SOTAwatch to enter the chase into the database using the “Log spot” function by clicking the + sign next to the summit reference, it is extremely likely that multiple people will have logged me with the wrong callsign!

I ended up getting pretty cold & wet today. I think a combination of physical/mental impairment due to the poor conditions & enthusiasm to activate the summit quickly resulted in a certain degree of “summit brain”.

Sorry for the confusion.


I did the exact opposite yesterday and notice that a few people have logged MW0JLA/P on G/WB-020. I probably gave the wrong one on air a few times too. It apparently makes no difference to either activator or chaser score so is not much of a problem.
The noise here is bad but I had more difficulty hearing you than I expected; 2W0IWM/P was a bit futher south and I could hear him well - but I think he uses an 857.

Myself included - Oops! I’ve just corrected that.

As you rightly said, it doesn’t make any difference to the scores but my OCD wants the records to be accurate & correct!