Logging a crossband contact

I’ve searched the archives and found a couple of references to logging of crossband contacts, but no clear guidance.

I anticipate a situation in which I work one of my main chasers crossband 60/80m, because his noise level is lower on 60 and he will hear me better, but he can’t transmit on 60.

If and when this happens, how do we log this in the database? Is the band entered the transmit band? That would seem logical, but an official “pronouncement” would be useful.

Andrew ZL3CC


Great question as I had been wondering the same thing. It is on my list to work some stations via satellite and had wondered how to log the UHF/VHF uplink/downlink frequencies. I had considered just logging it using one or the other, but I figured there was probably something established.

It doesn’t support cross band logging, log what you think makes sense to you and put something in the notes if you feel it needs explanation.

A Suggestion - for cross band terrestrial or satellite contacts, the activator logs the band he/she transmits on and the Chaser logs the band he/she receives on. In that way the log entries will match.



Indeed Ed. Whether submitting activator or chaser logs, enter the activator’s transmit band/mode.