Logger32 and SOTA REF

If anyone uses Logger32 by Bob Furzer K4CY for logging. The latest version V 3.50.85 has a new Field for SOTA logging called SOTA REF . This is a 10 character field similar to others for keeping a check on award status. The new field will be compatible with other programs, I suspect, for exporting and importing the Logbook in ADIF file format.
I have been using a field called USER 1 for a few years which I use for uploading my log every so often to the SOTA database. Of course it has to be converted to a EXCEL file. For this I use the ADIF to CSA(EXCEL) SOTA format converter by Alain F6ENO. Thank you Alain - excellent program.
I needed to move all my past SOTA data/references from USER1 to the new SOTA reference field in my saved data base as the new reference would become compatible with other logbooks that save as ADI files
This is what I did.
Saved the full log (ADI). Made a copy for safety.
With the Microsoft Text Editor ‘Notebook’ opened my full log. Clicked on ‘REPLACE’ in the pop-up pain.
Then I filled the ‘Find What’ field with
Then I filled the ‘Replace With’ field with
Then clicked on ‘Replace All’ and after a while the full log had all my SOTA references in the new SOTA REF field. The above field names are the correct names that should be used I found.
Created a new logbook with the new hacked ADI logbook file
Had to change the grid layout by ticking the SOTA_REF box instead of USER_1 in the grid layout of the logbook and changed the Logging box to include the SOTA REF field in place of USER 1. Recalculated the SOTA award listing.
In the F6ENO conversion program a change to the ‘ADIF field with SOTA reference’ is required so USER_1 now becomes SOTA_REF.
If anyone else uses Logger32 the way I do I hope this helps.

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Thank you Damien… also working ok here

73 Karel

Hello Damian
Good job !
The tag “SOTA REF” must be used by chasers, because this ADIF field is expecting the contacted station’s Sota REF…
Now we can hope that Bob K4CY will also add in Logger32 the tag “MY SOTA REF” for activators. Then all will be compatible with the SOTA Database (and ADIF V304 specification)
Best 73
Alain F6ENO.

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