I have seen several posts about Log4OM but haven’t seen anyone comment on whether or not they like it for SOTA logging. I just downloaded the latest version and it has some interesting features. For example, it shows a list of SOTA spots then if you click on one, it it will auto-populate many of the fields in the log.

Since I am just learning Log4OM, I am wondering if I can use it for all logging and have a way to just pull out the SOTA chasing and activations.

Any thoughts or comments?

Ron, KI4TN

Yes you can and there is an automatic generation of the upload file for SOTA as well as a download merge of the file of your SOTA activity.

All covered in the Log4OM user guide and YouTube tutorials

Terry G4POP
Log4OM Developer

Hi, Ron

I have been using Log4OM almost since my beginning with SOTA. Very friendly log, many features incl. SOTA. I suggest you go through the tutorial, as some steps are not intuitive at first. Later you will do them automatically.

Good luck! You will enjoy this log and won’t change any more. :slight_smile:

I been using LOG4OM for a long time now and it also works great with Rig Control on the spots if you use that . I really do like the software and it works great for me here

I think you are right, the more I see of it, the better I like it.

Thanks, Dow, if you like it, it must be good.

Yes, Log4OM is great for SOTA as well as general logging. As others pointed out, it will export chaser or activator logs in the correct format. It also has the database of summits built in so it will log it correctly.

For activating, it has a great auto-increment time feature which is very handy for typing your log in after the activation. Normally I only write down the time of the QSO about every 5 or 10 calls since they are coming in so fast. Back at home, in Log4OM, you set the time/date of the first QSO and then set the increment to 30 seconds or whatever you estimate was the time between QSO’s. Then you just start typing in calls and it will set the QSO time automatically. Every once in awhile I bump the time up a bit to align with my next time mark. Works great and super fast for entering in paper logs.

Let me know if you have any questions on it or workflow.

GL es 73 de Jim/K7MK

Not to mention great support from Terry G4POP - he has been so patient with me and my questions for my first weeks of usage of Log4OM.