Log4OM: QSL label formatting, a question

I’d like to be able to print a single label confirming multiple QSO’s and with each QSO confirmation line to include not only date, time, mode, and rst but also the summit ref where I was operating. (In other words, I want to be able to indicate the different QTH’s)

Does anyone using Log4OM know a way to do this?

I see that the standard formatting allows inclusion of the “QSL message”, comment, or notes on the label; but only one per label, even when you’re printing multiple confirmations on a single label (to a single OM).

Anything I’m missing. Any tricks?

David - N3II

No your not missing any tricks!

If you ask for this in the Feature Request thread of the Log4OM forum we will consider it for a future release but bear in mind that there is a limited space on some label stationary and it might require you to use a larger label.

73 Terry G4POP
Log4OM Development Team

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Thanks, Terry. It’s a great piece of software. I’ll look into making a recommendation on Log4OM’s feature request page. 73, David.