Log4Om import old QSOs for SOTA


I am currently switching to Log4Om because it supports SOTA logging.
I imported my old adif but have to change the “my references” value as an activator for that QSO.
Somehow it does not work, I double click the QSO and go to My References and it’s empty. Award does not show anything, clicking on the black + icon does nothing, when I type the reference by hand in the references field, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

Then I guess the import of the ADIF file did not work properly.
If the ADIF has the fields for MY_SOTA_REF and SOTA_REF filled the import should work fine.

Other SOTA stations should be listed unter Award Refs. and for your activations under My Refs.

Maybe post one QSO from the ADIF file (just open in text editor notepad).

73 Joe

You might like to watch the YouTube video tutorials or check out the user guide which explains the workings in detail

However if the incoming ADIF did not contain the My_SOTA_Ref data then some updating will be required, you dont say the source of the ADIF file?

Support is available on the Log4OM forum

I exported the csv from sota and used adif master to adapt. So in the file itself must the my_sota_ref be available, you can’t alter it in Log4OM afterwards then. Thanks for the help, i’ll try that out

I don’t know adif master but I would not take that for granted.

Overall logging just in csv is a bad idea. No RST included by design. So proper QSL handling is impossible.

I think there is a website that can convert SOTA csv including the references.

73 de Joe

ON6ZQ | SOTA to ADIF log converter does SOTA csv to ADIF

I’ve used Christophe’s site a few times and it works well, recommended.

The latest edition of the manual for Log4OM v2 claims it is possible to download a CSV file from the SOTA database and import the QSOs directly into the Log4OM v2 database of QSOs. Unfortunately the screenshots of the process, and the instructions given, are not the same as what I find in my installation of Log4OM v2 when I try to do this myself. Perhaps the instructions have not been updated from a prior version of the software, or perhaps I have not found the magic screen yet. There are many helpful YouTube videos showing how to use Log4OM, but I have not found one that covers this particular task.

I would like to do this so I can upload my QSOs, particularly the DX QSOs, to LoTW. Until last month when I finally got a 100 watt station set up at home, for the preceding two years my ONLY DX QSOs were from summits during activations!

None of the preceding is meant to detract from Log4OM v2. I started using it 2 weeks ago and so far I have been very impressed. The CAT cable I ordered to use with my HF transceiver just arrived, so the next task will be to see how well Log4OM’s built-in CAT functions work for me.

Scott WB8ICQ

The SOTA database export is in CSV, I ain’t logging myself in CSV. I was able to use a website that converts CSV to Adif. The import is quite confusing honestly. I skipped it because I was not able to merge the QSOs.

Scott, this is the path to import a SOTA CSV into Log4OM V2:
View | Awards Statistics | award = SOTA | Import Data

Never used this myself since I enter all my SOTA QSO directly into Log4OM. From there, an ADIF export can easily be uploaded to the SOTA database.

73, Markus HB9BRJ

Markus just provided the definitive answer.

In future why not look for support in the Log4OM forum we are much more likely to spot your questions there because we dont monitor other forums very often?

I think Markus will confirm that we respond very quickly to user questions

73 Terry G4POP
Log4OM Developer

Thanks to Markus and Terry. You guys have done great stuff with Log4OM. In the future I will pose all questions there.

In my defense: the Log4OM website says very clearly “The team dedicate their free time to support Log4OM users so please ensure that you read the forums and manuals before requesting support.” Not wanting to consume the developers’ time unnecessarily, I was searching the manuals, YouTube videos, and forum messages. If I used the wrong search terms, I apologize, but I hadn’t found what I needed. Before I got around to posting a message on the Log4OM forums, I happened to notice this thread pop up on the SOTA Reflector and joined it. As I said, no disrespect intended to the Log4OM team.
Tnks & 73,

Quick thanks to the developers. I used some time in the lockdown to migrate from V1 to V2 which has been problem free ( The only issue I have to get round is the anti-virus software blocking the site - now fixed and recorded in forum ) Paul