Log Problems in sotawatch spots

Hello together,

I keep having problems logging qso in the sota spots.
The popup window opens, but you can’t save it.

the following errors appear in the browser logs:

Does anyone have any ideas? or do I have to report this?
If so, where do i have to report it?

Same problem here at F6HBI

Here too. Taking screen shots and will manually upload later.

See other thread. This is now resolved.


no - it still occurs

The database has been functioning without any errors and people are submitting logs at the average rate of 3 a minute since at least 1100 UTC. Is there any error message or screenshot you can provide beyond just “it still occurs”?

Thanks for fixing, much appreciated.

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Thanks Andrew…much appreciated.

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Today I am having problems again with loading recent contacts. The word “OBJECT”, appears in a red band. Help Please. Paul M0CQE. May now be OK. Just loaded a QSO, all correct. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.