Log correction

I mistakenly used local time instead of UTC in 4 of my log entries. I don’t see any method correcting this once I submitted the log. Any help would be appreciated.
Charlie N7KN

I think this works:

  1. Download the log as a CSV file.
  2. Delete the incorrect entries.
  3. Make corrections to the entries in the CSV file and delete all entries that don’t need any correction.
  4. Submit the CSV file to the database.

Jaakko, OH6FQI

In reply to N7KN:

Charlie - rather than me tire my fingers by typing, I`ve copied & pasted an earlier reply - hope it helps.

"Post by M1EYP on 26th September 2011 at 14:19
Hi Dave,

Go to your list of activations on the Database. Down the right hand side, you will see buttons for Delete and Download for each activation.

Download the one with the mistake.

Correct the mistake.

Save as a CSV file.

Delete the activation from your log.

Import your corrected CSV file.

Job done.

Any problems, email me.

Tom M1EYP "

Looks like Jaako beat me to it, 73 Steve g1ink.

In reply to OH6FQI: Paljon Kiitoksia…Jaakko! Charlie

In reply to G1INK: Thanks very much, Tom. I’ll get on it right away! 73, Charlie