Lockdown Rules in Scotland

This is from the Scottish Government web site and announced today 30th March by the First Minister.

  • The “stay at home” rule will be changed to “stay local” for three weeks. You may travel within your local authority area for non-essential reasons.

Could Andy the GM AM confirm that SOTA activations are now OK if from within my own local authority boundary ?

73 Rob GM3YTS


Sounds OK to me… stay in your local authority.


Good that gives me access to a variety of SOTA Summits in Stirlingshire.
But not my nearest 4 pointer which is in Clackmannan. hi

See you on the air soon.

73 Rob GM3YTS


I’m already charging my battery and checking the forecast for Friday! I can keep myself busy in Perth & Kinross, a scan of sotl.as shows 29 new summits for me to activate within the area :slight_smile:
Lets hope these restrictions are lifted soon and everyone can travel further.
73 Gavin

What happens to the poor folk who live in Aberdeen City?

Edit: Aberdeen is surrounded by Aberdeenshire - a different authority :grin:

They’re much like me… I have a rubbish summit in my area which I may do just to check out equipment. The nearest decent summit is just 200-300m out of my authority.

Is that a serious breach to walk 300m across a moor to a summit? Well no… but if we want people to follow the rules then you can’t have rulemakers breaking the rules for their own benefit. A simple fact that politicians of both Edinburgh and Westminster governments could really do with understanding and obeying.

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You’ll never make a politician! Just temporarily change your address to one most beneficial for activating… :grinning:

I’ve still got the border guards to contend with. Sneaking in via Kirk Yetholm to bag a few HuMPs could be risky, even though I have a Scottish registered car. :wink:

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I see in the ROI that when their 5km travel limit is extended in April if they live within a certain distance of another county they can travel into the next county otherwise stay in your own!. Cant remember the exact figures.

I think it’s 20 Km

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that’s what I thought they said on the news as well. Handy for Joe as he’s 100m from the Kildare/Meath border.

The new rules in ROI from April 12th are “You can travel within your county or within 20km of your home if crossing county boundaries”.

Glad to see that the lockdown restrictions have been easier from Fri. 16th. Able to travel across Scotland. So I guess there will be a lot more activations


Now for the off to Argyll next week (pressure building and wx looking good) to hopeful complete those last 6 SS’s (delayed from April/May last year - 5 in Argyll and last on Bute an island, but that’s the illogic of our SS classifications along with other SS’s that should be SI’s (;>). Argyll in early spring - bliss, nae midges, and the vegetation hasn’t kicked in on these 1 pointers.

Catch you on the ‘air’



From Friday 16th April:

Up to 6 people from up to 6 households can meet outdoors.
You can travel within Scotland for outdoor socialising,recreation and exercise.
No overnight stays outside your local authority boundaries.

It looks like from 26th April, crossing the border between England and Scotland will be OK at least at least for some indeterminate time