Loch Ness 13

I intend to do a full write up at the weekend but I just want to say thanks to all the chasers who have been following me around Loch Ness the last number of months as I completed all of the Marilyn’s around it. Back at the start of the year I got back into amateur radio and SOTA after a number of years away. I picked out all of the ones in my opinion to be in close proximity of the Loch, 13 of them (unlucky for some). I’m really pleased to say it’s now complete and in one season. Like I say a full write up will follow. I’ve a attached a map from walk highlands showing the summits and my own fictitious boundary line.
73 and thanks



Well done! 73, K9PM

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Good to see you back this year Adrian.Well done. 73 Don.

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Thanks Don. Tough copy with you on Sunday there with the QRM but we made the QSO. My KX2 has developed a fault on 20m, so I’m limited to 40m with my current dual band linked dipole