Localisation of new SOTA Database

If anyone is interested in providing a translation for various pages on the newsotadata pages, please let me know via a private message here on the reflector.

Thanks to Pom @DG7ACF, a German version of newsotadata has just been pushed to production. There are a still a few strings missing that I need to mark for translation, so bear with us as we proceed through, but a reasonably large percentage of the strings are done.

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Thanks to Toru @JH0CJH Ignacio @EA2BD and Valdi @S52CA we now the start of Japanese, Spanish and Slovenian translations for newsotadata. These are configured to be accessed by default depending on locale of the browser used, and if you wish to view them yourselves, you can use the links at the bottom to get whatever language you desire.

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Wow, great! I did not read the Reflector for some time and was surprised by a German database. @VK3ARR and @DG7ACF thanks for the work on the localisation.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Yeah, thanks a lot to you all and especially to Pom for digging into the German details. I’ve tried even the Japanese version and was happy to find a comprehensive link to switch back to the familiar notation, hi.

May it help the others to use the database even better!

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ

Indeed, this is the driving force behind this. I should point out that it’s not until you mark strings for localisation that you realise just how much text is in a website. All of the translator’s work is much appreciated!

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If you haven’t tried it, the MS Edge automatic translation feature is well worth exploring to at a minimum obtain a base from which a local language person can use towards a sound translation. Yes, I know the limitations of Edge, but I have been using it successfully to read websites in every language that is not in my native English (Scottish variant). Once you have it properly set up you can drill down through a website and every page automatically comes up in your chosen (native) language. It is not by any means close to perfect, but there has so far been no website where I could not understand the content.Beats Google translate in my experience.

Japanese language is very difficult for me, :grin:
I sent the second draft now please check it if no mistakes in it.


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richtet sich an Funkamateure, die gerne drauĂźen sind und gerne Bergwandern

richtet sich an Funkamateure die Wandern und Bergsteigen mit Funkbetrieb verbinden

“SOTA complete” ein quasi Fachbegriff würde ich sagen und gar nicht zu übersetzen.
Also statt “Meine komplettierten Gipfel” einfach: “Mein SOTA Complete”



Pull requests welcome:


I forked the git and looked at the updated messages.xlf

As the order of entries was changed at multiple places using diff and merge makes it a bit difficult separate the new from existing entries in the already localized message files
Or maybe I am not clever enough to use diff properly?

For example the “AllBands” in the messages.de.xlf is in line #4761, in the message.xlf in line #994
The complete block for csv/tsv has change it’s position.

Can you resubmit it in the same sorting and append new things at the file end? Or is there a clever way to match them?

Merge with xliffmerge tool

I had thought I had the messages.de.xlf up to date with messages.xlf but I am doing about 790 things right now so I am bound to slip up occasionally.

I’m not sure if the messages.de.xlf is uptodate that’s why I wanted to check. I will give xliffmerge a try.
It is not an urgent thing to localize it. Just want to contribute a little.

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Sorry, I shouldn’t give instructions past midnight :slight_smile:

For de, just work on the messages.de.xlf file and I merge those changes back in as part of the build process. I was thinking you were doing a new language, for some reason.

I just added some more translations from Pom, so please make sure you fast-forward your branch to match master before issuing a pull request.