Loaner Portable HF Gear, Eastern Wyoming or Rapid City?

Hello SOTA Community,

Marcia and I will be climbing Devils Tower (W7Y/EW-097) tomorrow, 14 Sep 16.

I have a buddy working NPOTA station in Maine tomorrow…would really love to make contact. I’m wondering if anyone in between Douglas and Gillete, Wyoming might have some portable HF Gear we could borrow for a day or two. Perhaps someone in the greater Rapid City area.

In return, we could treat you to dinner.

Thanks so much and we hope to work you,

Rich and Marcia

If you can help us out call or text 413-250-6974. This afternoon we are travelling between Douglas and Gillete, Wy.
Thanks so much and we hope to work you,


Hi Wy,

Now if you were flying to Melbourne Australia we could help. But it’s a long way to fly for dinner.
Good luck.