LNR Precision Mountain Toppers

Hi all,

I am looking to build out a second station that is lighter and more compact for longer and overnight hikes. Since I am predominantly a CW op, I was looking at either the MTR4B, or MTR5B. However, it seems that they have been out of stock for weeks now. Has anyone heard anything about when they expect to have them back in stock?


Zach - KM4BLG

There’s usually a bit of gossip about LNR’s stock and plans, on the relevant groups.io forums, either kd1jvdesigns or ATSprint. I recall someone stating that LNR had ceased offering various models to focus on a limited catalog. But asking LNR directly is probably the short cut to all that.
73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Good plan. You won’t be disappointed - the MTR rigs are awesome! I love my 3 bander.

I’ve seen a few like-new used ones on offer lately. Might be a good option… keep your eyes peeled :eyes:

I heard an unofficial whisper that LNR were having some difficulties right now.
Additionally, Steven Weber, the Mountain Topper designer stated back in November that the MTR-5B and MTR-4B would likely be discontinued.

This is a screen grab from a discussion about rig availability from a few month’s ago -

73, Colin


Thanks all! I reached out to LNR a couple of days ago, but still haven’t heard anything back. the 3B might be a better option anyway seeing as it’s $100 cheaper and smaller. I just wish that if they have discontinued them, they just remove them from their online store.

Have you looked at the pfr3b? Another Steve Webber design. Bigger than the MTR but built in battery and tuner.