LM10SOTA/p for S2S info

I will try to activate LA/TM-011 this Saturday, WX allowing.
Forecast looks like -10C/14F with very little wind.
I will have 1M or more (3-4feet) of snow to battle at the end of my walk.
I will focus on S2S in the beginning, but if battery allows I will work as many as possible before heading down again.
I will start on 10mhz CW, if band is open this far north, if not I will go to 7mhz untill band opens.
My walk will begin sometime around 0530 local (0430 utc) and hopefully I can make it to the summit in 70-90min.
My CW is not the best, so please be patient…? (18-23WPM is ok if you key well) but the pile-up makes it a big challenge.
If you think starting on 7mhz is better than 10mhz, please let me know…?
Rig will be KX-2, linked dipol and 7Ah battery that usually lasts about 2hours plus in those low temps.
Any tips and hints are very welcome!
73´s de
LA3NGA/p also LM10SOTA this weekend :wink:


Hi Henning, from what I saw this morning 30 metres CW is going to be the best option all round for DX. Perhaps 40m for contacts within Europe.

73 Ed.

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I saw your post regarding this and think 30m will be a good starting point. Thanks for your input :slight_smile: