Llorenç EA6KB, first EA6 Mountain Goat

On Saturday, February 3, 2024, Llorenç @EA6KB, achieved the SOTA Mountain Goat status.

He is the first EA6 operator to accomplish this feat and it will be a long time before we see another do the same. Earning 1000 activator points in the Balearic Islands, a region with generally low-scoring summits, without the benefit of extra points in winter and where leaving is only possible by boat or plane, takes a considerable amount of time.

It took Llorenç 309 activations and almost 35,000 contacts.

To celebrate his achievement and congratulate him, all local SOTA activators in EA6 (@EA6LU, @EA6AOJ, @EA6APL and @EC6PG) gathered with him at the summit, sharing a morning of radio, anecdotes, laughter, and a picnic.

We also took the opportunity to give him some gifts and presented him with a trophy shaped like a siurell with the form of a wild Mallorcan goat.

Note: A siurell is a clay figurine, typical of Mallorca, representing crudely traditional countryside characters, animals, or mythological beings. Its origin is ancient and uncertain, but popular belief often points to a Phoenician origin. The figurine gets its name from the small whistle (xiulet) it carries at its base. Interestingly, it shares its colors, red and green, with the SOTA logo.

Congratulations, Llorenç!


Congratulations Lorenzo!

I was happy to catch you early on in the activation, but I was a little too late to be your fourth contact, hi.

It was also great to meet you and Ricardo last september, when we were in EA6.
I hope you continue to have a lot of fun with SOTA (and POTA).
CU on the air soon.

73 de Luc, ON7DQ & YL Karine

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Enhorabuena Llorenc,me alegro dificil de conseguir,en mi proxima activad alcanzare mi 2º mountain goat,espero tenerte en mi log…EC2AG…

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Congrats Llorenç! I hope to hear you soon at other new summits.73

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Enhorabuena Llorenc, muchas felicidades por haber alcanzado el MG :goat: ;)…

73, Nuno

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Congratulations Lorenzo on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Congratulations Llorenç, a difficult achievement in such conditions of your island, very well done.

I hada the pleasure of meeting Llorenç in a past trip to Mallorca and it’s always great when I catch you on air activating.
Have a good celebration of the trophy and welcome in the herd.

Muchas felicidades Lorenzo, es difícil lograr este trofeo con las condiciones de cimas en la isla, ¡muy bien hecho!

Me encantó conocerte en aquella visita a Mallorca y siempre me alegra cuando nos oimos por la radio en una de tus actividades.

Que disfrutes y lo celebres y bienvenido al rebaño.

Un abrazo, 73 Ignacio


Thank you all very much for your praise 73’s
Muchas gracias a todos por vuestros elogios 73’s


Enhorabuena Lorenzon por tu cabra montés, y bienvenido al rebaño

Well done and congratulations Lorenzo. 73 Don.

Congratulations Llorenç! Thanks for the many S2S!
73 Fabio

@EA6KB Well done Llorens! :+1::ok_hand::sparkles:
Thanks for all the contacts on our recent trip to Majorca.
73, Simon & Nic