Llandudno Rally next weekend

Just a reminder that the 23rd North Wales Amateur Radio Show takes place this coming weekend Saturday & Sunday, 31st Oct & 1st Nov 2009.

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Roger MW0IDX

In reply to MW0IDX:

I’ll be there on Saturday, hope to see everyone and I might even spend some money if I can find a bargain.

This is a brilliant venue with loads of free parking. We need everyone to support this event so it can regain its former glory.

Steve GW7AAV

I will be there on Saturday for a while. I might even wear my callsign badge so if anyone sees me then say hello - it would be nice to put some faces to callsigns.

Keith G8HXE

In reply to MW0IDX:

We are going both days,and as Steve said this is a good Rally to support.

Hope to see whoever is going either Saturday or Sunday will have my Sota Shirt on both days so please come and say hello.

Scheduled to meet some friends Sunday,but will keep an out for all Sota Members!!!

Im Looking for a new Kenwood Mobile so fingers crossed for those bargains Steve



Looking for a mobile eh ! I’m on the lookout for a second hand 2 metre multimode for base use - all the better if it has 70cm as well.

Keith G8HXE.

In reply to MW0IDX:

I will be travelling from Rhuthun to Llandudno on Saturday and am looking forward to purchasing a few things. Thanks to G0PEB for bringing this show to my attention.

Gwyn (MW0GWY)

In reply to MW0GWY:

I will be there on sunday afternoon

I will be in North Wales all next week planning to out and about activating plenty of NW summits wx permitting

regards Phil G1OPV

In reply to G1OPV:
Hoping to be there Saturday(in SOTA tops). Plans are
Thursday 29th Mid dayish NW-076
Friday 30th AM NW-069 PM NW-071
Saturday 31st Rally Late PM NW-070
Sunday 1st AM NW-040
Monday 2nd NW-053 NW-051 NW-044
All wx dependent. Days and hills may change. No internet so spots appreciated


In reply to G1OPV:

I will be in North Wales all next week planning to out and about
activating plenty of NW summits wx permitting

Bah! Every time I get a break from Uni and head home, someone is up here leathering the local hills! =)

Myself and Geoff 2E0BTR shall be attending on the Sunday, it is hoped that my indulgence at “The Grand Halloween Ball” the previous evening will not be taking too much of an adverse effect.

Looking forward to seeing you all,

Dave MW0MYA.