Liz K1LIZ Reaches 3X Mountain Goat!

A huge congratulations to Liz, K1LIZ who just earned her 3X Mountain Goat on W4T/SU-035 Snowbird Mountain!

I’ll credit Liz for ‘subtly suggesting’ to me that my CW-only activations last year were cramping her style, which motivated me to complete a long wire antenna project. This helped me to expand my skills in radio and also enabled me to diversify the bands I can activate with. Thank you, Liz, and congratulations!!


73 and BAAA!
Ken, K6HPX and Kay, KE7BGM

Congrats Liz on making the 3X Goat award. Thanks for the contact and hope to see you and Ron in Huntsville in August.

Gary A. - W0MNA

Congrats Liz!

Awesome accomplishment, Liz. Glad I made it into your log today.
73 Gary

Congrats Liz!

Kent K9EZ

Congrats Liz also glad to hear you are feeling better. I was doing a POTA / WWFF activation in spotty cell signal and didn’t get the spots till I was packed up and moving down the road.

Hi Liz, BIG congratulations to you on your 3X MG activation! You are an inspiration! I was glad to get into your log today.

Andy, N4LAG

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Congratulations on your radio skills and consistent hard work! You and Ron are an incredible team.
Hope I can make an S2S with you soon.



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Congratulations Liz. I’m sorry that I had to work yesterday and missed your activation. You are an inspiration to us all. Hope to catch you and Ron on the air again soon!

Ken, W4KAC

Congratulations Liz! Bob AC1Z

Thank you Liz for yesterday’s contact on your third goat. Congratulations to you and Ron. Very best regards. Chris

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Congratulations Liz!
Glad I could make contact on your 3X MG summit!

73, Walt

SOTA Sister!!! Congratulations!
It was great making contact with you on your 3xMG day. Even if I had to get to my nearest available high point in Delaware (310ft) and use a car battery (only one I had charged). It was a scramble, but the weather was great and making contact with you was so much fun.


What A great accomplishment Liz glad I made it into your log and glad your feeling better

Congratulations Liz! Really a super accomplishment.

73, Mike - ke5akl

My congratulations, Liz,
Only 3 times I’ve chased you, so it looks like we have a QSO for each of your MG.
I hope we’l have at least 1 QSO along the way to your 4th MG.



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Congratulations Liz, glad to hear you are feeling better.
You are such an inspiration.
It is always a joy to make a contact with you.

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Big CONGRATS! to you, Liz. It’s always a thrill for me to get into your log and vice-versa. On to 4X!

Jim in Indiana, KB9JMU

Congratulations, Liz on 3xMG, a big achievement! I hope that you had a rewarding activation, and I hope to chase you and Ron in the coming months.
73, Peter KD0YOB