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Little Tour in F/MC F/JU FL/VO

Hi all,

Here are my summits activation’s forecasts for the period from August 01 to August 19, 2021, of course this remains an indication because it is a family vacation!


I will put alerts the day before activation.

I will use a 5 watt FT-817nd with an EFHW antenna or a vertical JPC-12 + mAT-10 tuner , SSB and CW with my new BaMaKey TP-III Morse Paddle and maybe in FT8 !! 145.500 (525) in FM.

See you all

73, Éric


A bientôt Eric ! 73’s Jean Claude

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Bjr Jean-Claude, @F6GLZ

Je suis chez les parents d’XYL Christine (tout proche de Belfort entre F/JU-099 et F/JU-094) à partir du 11 Août, il y a quelques F/JU et beaucoup de FL/VO :+1: :wink:
Je ferai au mieux avec mes hanches :blush: (QAP sur 145.500) et peut-être à bientôt.

73 Éric

Bonsoir Eric, hum… un QSO visu n’est pas exclu, j’habite Saint Louis… A bientôt !

Hi all,

I’ll add F/MC-170 to the list :wink:

73, Éric

F/MC-159 Notre Dame de Buenne 03/08/2021

Hi all,
Monday was on this easy one 1 pointer, the region, Aveyron, is beautiful the weather was fine Temp was about 20°C a little cooler than at home 30°C.
I started my activation a little earlier than expected.

Very pretty chapel on the summit :+1:

Installation of the shack on a camping table, no mast needed there were tall pines for the antenna ! :wink:

All bands were open but no rush on my spots, also I called especially in SSB for the chasers who do not practice the CW and curiously they did not come :upside_down_face:

Here my little log :

FMC159 Map

I managed to contact 8 s2s, but it was very hard … 5w wire antenna VS 100w minimum + large antennas well clear … the count is quickly done :face_with_raised_eyebrow: you can’t break a pileup :sob:

I was only chased by one activator @HB9BCB/P Heinz , after I spotted “please s2s priority :angry:”, yet I have heard and called many !
Please don’t put a WFF reference on your spot or it becomes mission impossible !

All in all a good time spent, especially as the weather for the next few days is not good at all. I don’t think I’ll be QRV tomorrow, maybe Thursday or Friday, stay tuned :wink:

After the effort, the comfort :slightly_smiling_face:
Once back at our gite, a cocktail with a local liqueur, called Le Birlou, with a beer. Do not abuse !

Thanks to all hunters and sorry for those I haven’t heard.



Edit :
Sorry just checked, I’m not in the log for F/AM-504 with Tof @F5UBH/P
I’ll make a correction soon.

Hi all,

Tomorrow planed F/MC-188 see alert
73, Éric

look for S2S

Missed you today Eric, I was doing antenna work in my “tree tower”. I must have climbed it almost 10 times, and still to do the final tuning, at least one possibly two more climbs to 9m AGL. I enjoy it!

Tonight we watched a documentary we had recorded on TV in May by Fred Sirieix. The Frenchman does a lot on UK TV, he is a gastronome and chef - we like him. He was in the Limousine Region, a National Park and part of the Massif Central, not far from where you are on holiday.The area is further down France for us than the attractive Vosges region, but it looked very fine business for a future holiday says I to the XYL… (Plenty of one point Completes for the taking if I could get there!).

73 Phil


F/MC-188 Le Bois Gros 05/08/2021

Hi all,
Wednesday we had time to do this summit a few kilometers from our gite before the rain :wink: Temp was 19°C…

The shack on the orientation table

This time I used my vertical antenna JPC-12 which fits in a 35X20 cm bag with a weight of 2kg.

There you can see the size of the vertical compared to the XYL Christine :slightly_smiling_face: which measures 1.62m

I had very good results beyond my expectations, was called by a ZL but can’t make the QSO.

FMC188 Map

A total of 58 QSO with 4 s2s who called me @HB9BIN/P @HB9CLT/P @F4ESK/P and @F5ODQ/P, many thanks.
This second summit of the week give to Bill @G4WSB a second complete :wink: :+1:.
Was called by well know activators, they were at home @G4OBK @OE5YYN @HB9CBR @GM0GAV and @HB9CGA
Thanks to all chaser !

But the rain was coming :expressionless:

Some Flowers photo on the summit, XYL was active too :+1:

And as always, after the effort the comfort, a few km away, in Marcillac-Vallon a village renowned for its wines.

Merci à tous

73, Éric

PS: Tomorrow will move 130km North East from here for the next step.


Great report with photos Eric, thanks. :grinning:

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Salut Éric, je dois activer F/MC-114 et F/MC-071 ces prochains jours. Je vais essayer de me caler sur toi et faire un S2S sur 40m ou 2m. Au fait elle fait quoi l YL pendant que tu trafiques ?? Je dois trouver quelquechose à faire faire à la mienne …. 73 Nicolas

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Bonsoir Nicolas, @F5MDY
Désolé pour le retard, hier c’était les 90 ans de ma Maman :wink:
XYL est mon reporter photo, elle découvre comme moi de beaux panoramas et elle adore la nature et ses trésors, photos et films !
Éventuellement ton YL peut emporter un livre ça aide pour faire passer le temps :+1:

À bientôt sur l’air
73, Éric


Hi all,
Tomorrow I’ll be on F/MC-017 if the weather is OK.
See you all.

73, Éric

F/MC-017 Le Truc de Fortunio 09/08/2021

Hi all,

Today we were on F/MC-017 for the second time, last year had only one QCX 40m 4w with an EFHW antenna.
I love this summit with all these big rocks typical of the “Margeride” region, on the other hand to find a comfortable position to install the shack is harder :laughing:
This year was running the FT-817nd and the JPC-12 vertical Chinese antenna.
The unexpected weather was :+1: :wink: :sun_with_face:

Blue sky, big rocks and mobile 5G +++ :rofl:

A lot s2s were active and today I was the chaser except for the Madrilenian couple, Elena @EA4DOS called me and Alejandro @EA4DON was not far away EA2/NV-005 thanks both :+1:

Total 42 QSO with 9 s2s



Second attempt with my vertical JPC-12 and very happy between 40m and 6m, I can show you its size once stored in its cover.

Thanks XYL Christine for all photos and his help welcome

And of course back to my sister’s house, a little quiet time. You can see my little fox too !

Moving soon to F/JU and FL/VO

Thanks all

73, Éric


Hi Éric
Nice surprise to QSO you.
Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
Now waiting for you from JU & VO area.
I do hope QSO you between two box, I prepare my moving
73 Roger


Hi Roger,

Tks for the QSO, sigs were strong here :+1:

Good luck in preparing for your move

73, Éric


It is very necessary to hydrate after going up and down the summit. :rofl: :rofl:
73 de José


Hi all,

Sorry for all those who were waiting for the summits in JU and VO, but my hip has decided not to function normally!
We got home and I’m going to have to see a specialist :pensive:

73, Éric