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Little mistake noted

Sun 09:33 DL/YO8SEP/P on DL/BW-228 14.335 ssb
*Petronel [VK port-a-log] (Posted by YO8SEP)
Sun 09:32 DL/YO8SEP/P on DL/BW-228 14.335 ssb
*Petronel [VK port-a-log] (Posted by YO8SEP)

Shouldn’t that DM/BW-228 ???

Tried entering into data base and wondering why not there


If you didn’t get the reference from the activator or you never heard the reference being given to another chaser or given in a CQ call then it’s reasonable to question if the chase is valid.

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Depends on what the activator said. If he said DL but should have said DM then the chaser should not be penalised if the activator posts a correction. Otherwise no points for anyone?

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The previous chaser to me told Petronel that it should be DM not DL, and he
apologised for the error that he had accidentally made and confirmed that the summit was Hummelsberg.

There was another correct spot subsequently placed but I cant remember whether it was by
Petronel or another chaser.

Kind regards
Dave G0ELJ

Nice one :slight_smile: