List of valid summits in DM/HE?

Hi all,
I recently found out that there is conflicting information regarding the list of valid summits for DM/HE.

For instance, the list at

shows many summits that are not included in

For instance, DM/HE-015 (“Altkönig”) is not listed in the latter, but is listed in the former link.

In SOTAwatch, you can enter alerts for that summit.

On the SOTA database page at

there is no score information after 2016, but also no indication that the summit was deleted.

I read that the association has currently no Association Manager, but what is the status with such summits?

Martin, DK3IT

I can’t answer your specific queries but the authoritative source is the database, SOTA Database and if a summit isn’t listed there as valid then it isn’t valid.


It is an unofficial list. It also says “last update: 28.Oktober 2012” so it is well out of date. The summits list is regenerated every day by the database so websites and apps can fetch this data and ensure their lists are accurate. It stops the confusion that happens when data needs to be manual updated and this update doesn’t happen for some reason.

It shows the score for the dates the summit is valid:
01/Dec/2003 31/Dec/2008 8 3 points between 01 December and 15 March
01/Jan/2009 01/Mar/2016 8 No

After 1/Mar/2016 the summit is not valid so there are no points listed.

That is not the case at all. The AM has not resigned or told us he doesn’t want to be AM. He didn’t agree with the changes made to DM to bring it in compliance with other associations and so that work was done for him. But until he tells us he doesn’t want to be AM he is AM.

SOTA DB manager.

Once in the database, always in the database (pretty much, as far as I can tell)… However, the database does show the dates between which a summit is valid. In this case:

Thanks - as for the AM for DM/HE: I might be confusing Association Manager and Region Manager, but for the latter,

says “vacant”. That is what made me think there was not AM for that region.

Anyway, again: mni tnx fer fb info es support!


you can also have a look at:

here you can view all valid summits on different types of maps (google/satellite/osm/…)

you can also download kml-files for google earth …

73 martin, oe5reo

Hi Martin,

the list on was a relict of the good old SOTA times in DM. I have just deleted all the outdated region pages - all gone, like the references themselves.

I am still Association Manager of DM, but of course nearly all Regional Mangers have resigned during the P150-transition.

Sorry for the confusion generated.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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Dear Michael,
thanks for your effort!
73 de Martin, DK3IT

Hallo Michael und Martin,
ich bin (war?) der Regional Manager von Hessen seit Ende 2005.
Nachdem das SOTA Management Team (SOTA MT) bei den Bergen der Deutschen Mittelgebirge (SOTA DM) die Prominenz im Rahmen einer internationalen Standardisierung von 100 auf 150 Meter Schartenhöhe (P150) setzen wollte, wurden im Jahre 2015 leider auch der Altkönig und viele andere schöne und bekannte Berge von der Liste gestrichen (übrigens auch in anderen Ländern).
Über Sinn und Zweck dieser Entscheidungen kann man diskutieren, muss sie aber schlussendlich akzeptieren.
Unverständlich ist für mich allerdings die Gründung der SOTA Region French Lowlands, wo trotz der genannten Vorgeschichte die eigentlich nicht mehr gewünschte Prominenz P100 zum tragen kommt.

Viel Spass bei SOTA und vy73

Hi Fritz,

The requirements for an association, or part of an association to operate as P100, are all written in the SOTA General Rules document. You can access this by clicking on “Website” above.

Many thanks Tom,

best regards and vy73