LiPo for FT817

Where currently is the best place to buy a LiPo battery for my FT817? I would prefer an external rather than internal. Any suggestions on model/size would be welcome.
Merry Christmas one and all

In reply to MM6ALZ:
There are plenty of suppliers of LiPo batteries on ebay.
I bought a 3 cell 3300mah 20C battery from a supplier in Hong Kong and it works fine with my FT817.
If you are planning just a single activation then a smaller capacity would be adequate and a bit cheaper.

David, G3RDQ.

In reply to G3RDQ:

Battery drain could be an issue when using FM. I think 3300mAH is a good choice, though a couple of 2200mAH batteries might be more flexible and allow for both normal and protracted activations. I can’t quote figures for how long a certain capacity might last as I’ve always used a 25W linear with my 817 and 4000mAH LiPo’s on 2m SSB and that capacity battery has given me more than an hour of operation.

I guess it’s a case of sorting out the best deal on eBay.

73, Gerald G4OIG