Lipo 18650

Hi all over the last 6 months I have been using 3 x 18650 batteries, I have made 3 packs which I can alternate and they are lasting my activations very well on a mixture of 2M fm and HF ssb.
Is it same to add a further 3 to each pack in parallel for more lasting power? I use a hobby king bms charger. Would I need to alter the charging lead to a 6s?
Cheers in advance for any advice.

I just thought this might be good for next week away to Germany. I am traveling by my own car so no problem with airport battery problems.


Your configuration is now 3S (3 cells in Series). If you want to add another 3 cells to increase battery life, you will need to switch to 3S2P (3 Series of 2 cells in Parallel). If your BMS doesn’t support a true combined series-parallel configuration, I guess you can just stick with 3S and connect the cells like they do here, with some small penalty on battery cycle count.

Yes, you can add three o six more (lots os three to get 12v) todo get more mA.

I used from two years agosto this kind of batteries 18650 with good results, with Youkits and LNR MTR3B LCD.

The best cells are the green Panasonic, they are the same that uses Xiaomi skate or Tesla car (2000 batteries).

To charge I use Nitecore UM20 charger, It provides USB cable and you can charge through solar pannel.

I have a 3s psck but its 4 cells in parallel and the banks of 4 connected in series to make a 3s pack. Use a 3s ballance lead 1 wire in neg and pos of the pack then other 2 goes to 2nd and 3rd bank pos

Matt 2E0FGX