Limited Transportation and Some Extra Time in LA (SoCal): Summit Help?

I’m going to be in southern California for a family event taking a long weekend Dec 1-4th 2023, flying through LAX. My current plans look like POTA on the beach after flying in, then family meetups and traveling to Bakersfield through the morning of the 3rd. I’m free with probably some direction over destination in the group rental car through the afternoon of the 3rd, with a flight out just before noon on the 4th.

Does the community have suggestions for summits on the car route? Anyone in the area or coincidentally visiting who would be willing to add an operator to their adventure and the help me get back to LAX?

Hi, Thomas.
The Tejon Pass on Interstate 5 is much of your route to Bakersfield from LAX. There are many summits along the way, some of them off limits. W6/SC-161 and CT-263 are shorter hikes. Look at the summits off Frazier Mountain Road west of I5. SC-001 is a drive up, but may be closed for the season. CC-002 is a nice <60 minute hike from the trailhead. CC-003 is a drive up on a rough road that may not be best for a rental car. If snow fell they both may be closed.

The San Gabriel mountains are not that far off your route depending on how much time you have to get to Bakersfield. From La Canada there are three peaks a 15 minute drive away. Two are quite steep, but shorter hikes. CT-146 and CT-150.

There are others on here from the SoCal area who are much better informed about some of these peaks. SOTLAS can help. SOTLAS
More detail about your movements and time constraints will help home in on good summit choices.
73, David N6AN


Getting To Bakersfield is tight on Saturday, which will be allocated to the family events. For free time, at the very least I’ve got a trip from Bakersfield back to LA on Sunday, but it looks like no other obligations. My relative providing the ride might be talked into a park, but very likely not a summit of any sort. My Monday flight is probably boarding around 11:20, so not a lot of freedom unless starting really early.

I’ll take a look into your suggestions, but I think the primary constraint is transportation unless I add a rental of my own for Sunday.


The SoCalSota monthly Zoom meeting was a great chance to network (and hear about the fantastic selection of summits around LA and San Diego). I now have a contact for a duo activation on Sunday, but will still welcome any additional input on summits.

I wouldn’t worry about snow. The 2nd to 4th is looking to be highs in the 70s and dry. Maybe some winds.

The trip was successful, facilitated by AJ W6CMY here in town! Trip report for W6/CT-274 will come as a separate post (and my blog). Now headed back to 9-land.