Limit of learning by doing!?

When testing antennas and enjoying the winter sun today on HB/FR-047, I also had a new experience of QRM that I didn’t know in such a crude way: It was caused by HB9EIV/P on a nearby summit when he tried to chase me.
That was very annoying and has stopped the many other chasers several times for a long time. So apologies to all concerned chasers.

I would like to say that I have absolutely no problem with a chaser who uses the Mic button for CW, sending at a speed of 6 wpm - IF he is able to send his portable call correctly and also knows the operating technique in CW.
But up to 10 such long-lasting and erroneous attempts are IMO far beyond reason (especially at the beginning of a 40m pileup…).

This is IMO a clearly misunderstood practice to learn CW - which would not have happened in “the good old days”!?

So please never repeat that with me, Michael. Thanks!