Lightweight PTT Mic for KX2

Fairly new to SOTA and a new KX2 operator. The Elecraft mic which came with the KX2 is bulky and moderately heavy from a QRP perspective. There are a couple of other topics on the subject here but the mics are very short cords; I would need to lean down to the radio.

Has anyone found a mic w/PTT with a normal length of cord which would work with the KX2? I’d like to continue using the KX2s built-in speak versus headset.


Most of us have cheap Baofeng headsets around consider building something like this. World's Smallest fully-capable HF Go Kit? - YouTube

You can figure out the connections by looking at the Baofeng pinout and probing the wires vs the connector once you cut the cord, then match those to the appropriate KX2 pins on a new connector.



Hello, to save battery in the manual they recommend not using the built-in speaker.
“To extend battery life, turn the backlight and preamp off when not needed, and use headphones rather than the internal speaker.” (p. 44)

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Adam, watched your video and I agree a quick vid on making that mic would be useful. I’ve never purchased a Baofeng so I’m looking for a suitable mic to repurpose. What I got from your post was:

  • cut off the Baofeng two-pin connector
  • cut off the ear piece at the mic
  • multimeter the wires to figure out which does what
  • wire that into a 3.5 connector, then to the mic jack on the radio

Pretty much…

The wires inside are typically colored with enamel. You will likely need to put a dab of solder on each in order to burn off the enamel and get a conductive surface to meter. You can then check which color wire goes to the tip, ring, and sleeve on each pin. You can reverse engineer which wire does what from a baofeng/kenwood pinout diagram.

Then take the mic end of the wire and solder the appropriate wires to the appropriate parts of a new 3.5mm TRS connector. If you connect it wrong, it just won’t work. You’re not going to hurt anything.

That’s pretty much it. Not too complicated.


Ok, so I realise I am resurrecting an old topic, but I have detailed how to make a mini mic for the KX2 for SOTA in a document I have made available here:

I hope this is of help to someone.


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