Lightweight Multiband Vertical 20m - 6m

Hi folks

It’s a few weeks ago, since Carine and I had the idea to realize a lightweight-vertical for 20m - 6m, which is based on the very clever hiking sticks called ‘Cleverstick’. In the meantime we could collect awesome experiences on DX-ing on several Summits with this antenna :open_mouth:

On our post you can find some more information and a few activation-maps: Jetzt lieferbar: HB9NBGs Clever-Whip Kit 20 - 6m – Lutz Electronics, Schweiz

vy 73 to you all es hpe cu agn
René, HB9NBG + Carine, HB9FZC

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Those CleverSticks do look exceedingly … clever. But, for people like me who suffer from chronic back pain (due in my case to old rock-climbing injuries), the re-purposing of the hiking sticks to make a tripod would leave me with no sticks at all. Not a good solution, since I really need at least one stick to get about on the summit, even while erecting my little HF-Pro-2-Plus-T vertical antenna on a very lightweight tripod, if I decide to use that antenna at all.

I marvel at the able-bodied, moving with so much agility on difficult ground. Good luck with your new product which looks … nice.

Hi Rob

It’s not nice to hear, that you’re fighting against health-issues :pensive: We wish you all the best :four_leaf_clover:
Carine and I are lucky to still have the health and fitness to reach also difficult summits :smiling_face:. But in the high-alps the equipment should be as lightweight and as compact as possible; since we need hiking-sticks anyway, HB9NBGs Clever-Whip Kit is - I think so - the highest performing antenna-solution with such a light weight, which is by the way very easy to handle :grin: Of course there are summits with very limited space, where guying an antenna is difficult, but you really can built-up this solution nearly everywhere :+1: There, where that isn’t possible at all, we love to use the KH1 from ELECRAFT as a Handheld :grin: If the only goal is to activate a summit, you’re succesfull with this tiny radio within a few minutes of activity everytime, and if you’re lucky also DX can be worked :nerd_face:

So, all the best for you and hope to meet you on-air soon…

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG

I love my CleaverSticks. I got them for my birthday from XYL.

Here are two examples how I use them

73 Marek


Hi Marek, yes, the Cleversticks are really great and very versatile in their use :+1: Have further fun with it :+1:

vy 73 de René, HB9NBG