Lightening Kills Walker on OM/ZA-004

Very sad. SOTA summit as well.

Yes indeed Compton.

On my last activation I was approached by a tourist who after a bit if a chat looked at my doublet and asked if I was afraid of lightning. Well yes, but I can hear thunderstorms on my radio even if I can’t see them I replied. It did cause me to remember that I had not earthed the station that day. A tent peg in the ground between rocks and a short length of 25 A wire won’t protect from a direct strike but will bleed off charge on the antenna which can’t be a bad thing. However there was no QRN.

The peak in the article is very exposed and I would not go there if there were storms nearby. It does not say in the article if storms were forecast or were about when people ascended. I aborted one activation recently due to an approaching thunderstorm. A 10 pointer too.

There is another thread that describes what to do if caught out in an electrical storm.

Keep your head down and stay safe.


Morning news confirmed 140 people injured, some of them very seriously due to many stones were flying after thunder strikes.
Some people disregarded the symptoms of a rapidly approaching storm and calls for return given from more experienced people.

Mountains not always are safe, remember that !

73, Jarek SP9MA

3 people are still wanted. They have not returned to hotels.
sadly leszek