2A is nothing for the lifope or lipos. I use them for quadcopters that use 40A on 75% throttle.

A 2200mah 20C lipo for example can give 40A for example.

Was that the configuration you had them in when you went through Edinburgh Airport last year??? :slight_smile:


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Nooooo! That setup in the airport would be an invitation for a private session with Officer Bubba and his gloved hand :slight_smile:


Where has this come from I wonder :confused:

Carlos Good morning

You can buy via Hobby king, there not cheap over all i spent about £97 for the battery and a decent charger, not the cheap imitation one.
But being in Italy you may get it a bit cheaper due to fact of our 20% VAT tax.

But good advise i was given, was when you find what you want, wait for many minutes and an offer does come up reducing the price a little.

The battery 8800 MAH

The charger

The leads.

With my little PPSU as i call it now I boxed my battery for its own protection as there not hard cased but soft and prone to knocks and dents. So I got hold of a good plastic box and adapted the extra leads brought and put in 15amp fuse in line

The boxed item.

The bits required to make the extension power leads…

The extension power lead with in line fuse holder, mines is 15A. But the great thing is i have also fitted a certain power connectors in line with the power leads off the PPSU and me home PSU and the radio. So interchanging the PPSU back to the PSU when home is a very simple operation of unplug and re plug. The power connectors i use are set in a way you CAN NOT reverse the power leads they only GO one way.

But when putting the wires on always double check you have the right leads on the right poles. Then you can’t go wrong. It is a lot of money to fork out, but a worth while investment only weighing about a Kilo

Karl 73s

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I had one cell of a HobbyKing 4200mAh LiFePO4 pack swell up and refuse to take a charge. It was my own fault for over discharging the pack. I had left the battery pack connected to a device that drew current even with the power switch in the off position. LiFePO4 cells fail when over discharged. Their is no protection circuitry built into the pack. I recycled the pack.

I have since switched to LiFePO4 battery packs from:

The Bioennopower battery packs have a built in Battery Management System that protects against over charge, over discharge, and performs cell balancing when charging. The packs are available in many different capacities suitable for QRP to QRO applications. Several of my friends have purchased from them and are also happy with their packs.

Usual disclaimer applies: I have no connection to the company other than being a satisfied customer.

Steve - WI2W

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Hi Steve,
Looks like BIOennoPower have some nice products, unfortunately they are not a global company, (with a European warehouse) so shipping from California to Europe (if they would even do it) would cost a lot.

73 Ed.

I agree with Ed i like the look of the slabs much harder cases etc and possible more power too. Weight wise me LifePO4 is only around a Kg in weight compare tf he old thing i used was 6kg in weight.
Hence while a brought a little led battery monitor you can plug in keep eye on discharge rate just gotta suss how to set it so bloody thing don’t bleep all time but at set voltage at what i want it to be.


Nice one on that charging lead Karl.

Many thanks Karl.
73 Carlos

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Its not the charging lead :hushed:

Its the output lead to the radio from the PPSU.
Felt needed a fused out put to connect to the 5.5mm bullets from the batt via the fuse and then the quick release joint (female) to connect to the radio (male), also got female one on the main PSU in shack, so when get home easy so quickly to re hook up the PSU back to the rig in the shack.

Can’t remember what the connectors are called, but they do the job and prevent reverse polarity provided you wire them up properly in first place.

Manage to find couple places that do those hard cased 12V LIFOPO4 batts over here in Europe.

OUCH that hurt 7A is about £84 and a 12A is £99. But does not state if they have the built in fail safes or not like the Beano US models and are abut 2kg.


not for you maybe, but that’s what I just bought a set for :smile:
saves me messing about with intermediate leads.

Been using a LiFePo for a while love it. Nice thread have to look at what others have done!

Battery Tender made by Deltran. Benn very happy w it.


I’ve just gone to order a battery and charger from Hobby King, they have no AC chargers listed in the UK warehouse.

Looks like It’s back to the drawing board for me.

I don’t have an AC charger, mine runs off me 12v PSU I use for the rig or any 12v supply

its the Turnigy Accucell 8150


As I have nowhere to set up a permanent station I don’t have a PSU. I’ll see what I have lying around.

Did you look to see if they were in stock in their other warehouses?

Yes, but it’s the import duty that is the problem.

Do they not have a European warehouse as well as UK. Or is it just HK, UK, USA?

How you power the rig what rig is it pse.